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Summer cometh after the 4th of July!

In the Pacific Northwest we have come to know July as our first Summer month. This year has been no exception, but we all know why we live here. When our Summer sun finally arrives, the Northwest is one of the most glorious places on earth.  

We run our Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Wicker Sale during the month of July. Take 25% off all Special Orders through July 31st.

Why do we love wicker from Lloyd Flanders? The company is over 100 years old and made in the USA. We love the comfort, the earnest style, the quick-dry fill, and the new options with finishes and fabrics.  

Shown here with Paul, is one of our favorite frames in the Driftwood finish. Lloyd Flanders does have some very contemporary offerings as well.  Come in and check them out;  three great fabric books to choose fabric options, and 17 finishes.

Back to Summer in the Northwest . . . . May it  be your best ever!  Let’s all enjoy the Sun.      

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  1. marsha grisham says:

    I have always enjoyed that wonderful feeling I get when I am in your store, in fact I have always called it my Drees Fix, your staff is so welcoming, holiday open house is one of my favorites, and there is always great music playing. Keep up that wonderful sense of style and your friendly smile!!

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