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Candles for the Holidays

As we get ready for the Holidays, I wanted to share a few words about our candles. One favorite is Creative Candle, a basic at Drees long before I owned the shop for one very simple reason: their quality.  Trained artisans have handcrafted each Creative Candle in small batches for almost 50 years. They are made from the finest blend of waxes to create an exceptional-performing candle. Not mass produced, the candles are dripless, and the burn time is close to an hour per inch. The taper sizes range from 6″ to 39.”  The 24″ and 30″ are two of our favorite tall candles. We sell mostly ivory because of the luminescence, but we also love the seasonal colors and will special order any of their spectacular colors for you.


 Bayberry Candles are another Drees Holiday favorite, made in limited batches for the season.Traditionally, Bayberry candles given as a gift and burned to the nub on Solstice, Christmas, or New Year’s will bring health, wealth, friends and good luck in the coming year Bayberry wax comes from boiling the berries and skimming off the precious wax coating.


Back by popular demand, our 100% rolled beeswax candles. Taper candles as well as fabulous pillars. We especially love the beeswax votives.


We wish all of you a very special Thanksgiving.

We will be open at 9 am Friday morning with hot coffee and sweets — for those who are not midnight shoppers, or maybe after midnight shopping!


We are celebrating Small Business Saturday on the 24th.  Open from 10 – 6.

“Downtown for the Holidays” is Sunday the 25th from noon until 5.

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