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Beds 101: a class about the mattress


Everyone deserves a Good Night’s sleep!
Many of you have said that you are curious and confused about all the mattress options available today. We took your queries to
heart, and are having a “how beds are made” class – Beds:101
Many of you have also asked, why does Drees sell a mattress? It all started with needing a bed to show our beautiful bed linens. Taking advice from interior designer David Goularte, who has always loved Royal-Pedic for his clients, we introduced Royal-Pedic at Drees. He encouraged us to use this mattress and make it available to our customers. One thing led to julietta in canada another, and we now have many very happy bed owners in the region. We have also have had these beds delivered to second homes in Sun Valley and Palm Desert. 
This Wednesday, you will learn more from Tom Sarkala, who has been in the home furnishings business for 30 years. He will explain how most beds are made, most importantly, what they are made of (most with polyurethane), and how true quality mattresses are constructed today. He has a vast knowledge of the bed industry, and will share the history and construction of the Royal-Pedic and other true quality mattresses at Drees. 
If you think you will buy another mattress in the future, this class is for you. You will be a much more educated consumer.
Everything you ever wanted to know about beds in less than an hour.
Wednesday January 29th at 5:30 
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